Businesses Within The Equine & Pet Industry

Canine Magnetix

One of the great bonuses of my job is being able to work alongside others in the pet and equine industry. Whether that is another photographer, or somebody with fantastic products available that I am able to help promote.

In 2015 I ordered a magnetic rug for my horse, who has neck issues, in hope that it would help keep her more comfortable. When after only a few days I saw a massive improvement, I wondered if a magnetic collar for my Labrador Casey would be of benefit to her. Casey dislocated her hip when she was 3 years old, and it never sat back into the socket properly after, which over the years led to her being slightly arthritic in the hip. She is now 8 years old and before having the collar she would limp after walks, after she had had a mad 5 minutes in the garden, or if it had been particularly cold and she was generally quite stiff.

I spoke to the lovely Sam at Equine & Canine Magnetix to see if she thought it would help and after speaking to her and reading testimonials I bought Casey her collar. And I definitely saw the same benefits it was having on Casey similar to how the rug helps my horse.

Sam then later asked if I could take a couple of photos of Casey modelling her collar for use on her website. So out we went into the garden, I had tennis ball in one hand, camera in the other and Casey bounding around beside me like a 6 month old puppy. and I managed to take quite possibly one of my favourite photos of Casey I have ever taken.

CASEYmagnetix (2).jpg
Fast forward to now… and I have to say Casey has not limped on that leg since she has had the collar on. Even after running around like a loony in the garden or jumping around like a kangaroo for her food (and I mean like a Kangaroo, she is quite impressive!) she has still been (touch wood) sound as a pound! So I can highly recommend this collar or any magnetic product. And out of it Casey has a new modelling career (as if me telling her she is the most beautiful dog in the world isn’t enough) and I got to work with and help promote an amazing business that has products that genuinely makes a difference!! I am now a bit obsessed with the products and have myself purchased near enough every item available for my horses…


I would definitely give the sites below a look if you are considering magnetic products for either your equine or canine friends… or even for yourself!





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