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My Animals – The Culprits behind me starting ZLT p h o t o g r a p h y

I am extremely lucky to have 4 beautiful animals in my life. I honestly believe it is a privilege and I cherish each of them. As far as I am concerned they are my therapy, they sense things that nobody else can and reach out to comfort you at every opportunity.

Casey, my 8 year old black lab, is my confidence. I am a wheelchair user due to an accident which left me with spinal cord damage 11 years ago and being quite young when it happened I didn’t have much confidence. So we got Casey. She was a very nervy puppy. The day we met her she didn’t venture over to us to play like most puppies would, she was very cautious. But she was this beautiful chubby little puppy. we brought her home, and from that day on my confidence grew. She follows me around everywhere, and the second I am feeling even the slightest bit sad, she does whatever she can to cheer me up, usually jumps on me or brings me a toy trying to get me to play with her. Quite frankly I would be lost without her!! She is also the reason I started photography. I have taken thousands (and I mean THOUSANDS) of photos of her over the years.

Next we have Polly, my absolutely gorgeous 24 year old Welsh D mare. I have owned this gorgeous pony for 7 years now, and having her has kept me going through some of the toughest times of my life. She is a big, ginger, gorgeous, fluffy, cheeky monkey who can cheer most people up. Being a slightly older lady (although she doesn’t always act it) she is rarely (if ever) ridden, so nowadays she just has the joys of me annoying her on a day to day basis with cuddles, kisses, and taking as many photos as I possibly can!!

Moving on… Bea. My 4 year old Dartmoor Hill chestnut mare. She is, without a doubt the cheekiest, funniest, most temperamental, little pony I know. I have had her since she was 8 months old after a lovely friend of mine offered her to me as a companion to Polly. She was straight off of Dartmoor when my friend got her, and she was determined that people were the enemy. She was a very frightened little soul, and it took her a while to adjust to to me and my Mum, and although now she is fine with us and (I think) likes us, to this day she can take a while to adjust with new people. BUT she certainly keeps us all amused. And her and Polly adore one another.


Finally, Lola. Lola is actually my parents dog, but I still like to think of her as mine… at almost 3 years old, she is an absolutely bonkers, stir crazy Jack Russell. Barks for England, runs around like a loon, and is the most affectionate dog on the planet. She literally smothers you with cuddles. She is so playful, and incredibly entertaining. And I can spend HOURS photographing her and Casey and how they interact with one another.

So there we have it. The main culprits who got me to start photography! and I love each and every one of them!!


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