Businesses Within The Equine & Pet Industry

CL Therapy

As well as doing photo sessions of horse & owner for personal use, I have taken photos to be used in the selling of horses & for advertising businesses linked to the Equine Industry. One of which is CL Therapy.

CL therapy offers Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, her price list includes Massage Sessions, Rehabilitation Programmes, and  Schooling. I have worked with Charise a couple of times to showcase her business.

Charise has been out to my own horses a couple of times. My old girl has yearly massage sessions as a treat and my youngster has had and will be having regular treatments to help with tension in the muscles relating to stifle problems.

Using my youngster Bea as a model, I took photos of Charise working on her, showing different exercises & massage techniques.


Bea isn’t always the most loving of human contact and can be quite a grump at times, but as you can tell from the photos she was quite happy and quite enjoyed her massage!

Charise also offers to come out to yards to do Educational Demonstrations, which includes body painting. My friends horse Paddy was the chosen model for a mornings painting session (which was fun to watch & really quite interesting to see as a horse owner) He was incredibly patient having it done and once he was all finished he & Sarah did a fantastic job showing off his muscles!


If you have a business within the Equine or Pet Industry and would like photos taken or have any further questions please feel free to get in contact!

Linked below is CL therapy’s Facebook page, I can highly recommend getting in contact with Charise if you are looking for somebody to help with the rehabilitation of your horse or for routine massage sessions.

CL Therapy Contact Info:
Facebook: CL Therapy


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