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Lights, Camera… ACTION

Ok, so no lights, but definitely a camera and lots of action!

When I have a photo session involving dogs, I always like to get a few shots of them bounding towards the camera, running around like a loon or just enjoying a play and having some fun. I tend to do this in between taking the more serious portraits, where they have to use some restraint to sit/stand/lay down for periods of time, just to give them a bit of a break and allow them to let off steam.

Although action shots are not necessarily the easiest to capture (especially with more than one) and sometimes it can prove to be quite a challenge, most of the time it is just lots of fun and can result in some quite amusing images…



My definite favourites are of the dogs running towards the camera, ears flapping about in the wind almost Dumbo like. I have on occasion ended up flattened by said dogs running at me, (the main culprit Casey) or, if said dog is a cute puppy I end up with cuddles instead!

Having two active dogs myself, I have got multiple photos of them playing together, which is perfect practise! The images usually involve Lola hanging off of Casey in some way, while Casey has whatever toy I have thrown for them in her mouth.


I am currently taking bookings for Pet & Equine photo sessions for 2016
 So if you would be interested or would like more information on what the photo sessions involve do get in touch and will see if I can be of help! I look forward to hearing from you!

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