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Puppies, Puppies and MORE Puppies! ThrowbackThursday

There is nothing more cute than puppies, and nothing I love more than photographing them! I literally leap at the chance to photograph them… there is just too much cuteness involved. A puppy seeing the camera for the first time brings a lot of laughter because they will either bark at it, run from it, shy away from it, lick it, bump into it.. or eat it!

A couple of years back I was photographing this beautiful Norfolk Terrier and her beautiful babies1149118_357496274393305_697203221_o


Whilst I was capturing the image below of one of the puppies, his brother and one of his sisters grew more and more curious of the camera and after deciding it definitely wasn’t going eat them, they took it upon themselves to investigate!

And this… is why I love my job!!



Sooo if anybody reading has a dog with puppies due any time soon… or has recently bought a puppy do keep me in a mind and have a look at my prices page … I feel I am having puppy cuddle withdrawal symptoms! 😛




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