Photo Sessions

The Infamous HEAD TILT – Pet photography

The infamous ‘Head Tilt’.Quite possibly the cutest look you can  get from your dog. It is also the look that will let a dog get away with ANYTHING (well it does in my household… the look produces a lot of Awwwws)

Lola – our Jack Russell – Nails this look, any strange little noise you make… head tilt… when she hears the treat bag… head tilt… when she wants you to throw her toy for the millionth time… HEAD TILT. Basically anything she is interested in, is confused about, or wants,  will encourage her to produce the cutest head tilt that makes us go all gooey! 10959603_519056498237281_2397263381860934177_n

Puppies tend to be pretty good when you want to photograph this look, as everything is new and intriguing… And they just look so adorable!! Dudley has this perfected quite well.


And there are those, who produce the cutest head tilt and just make you laugh at the same time! Meet Scrumpy the most beautiful Leonberger. He may be one of the most gorgeous dogs I have gotten to photograph, and I absolutely love this photo!! DSC_8561


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