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Family Portrait

Casey & Lola over the last few months have developed into a bit of a pack/family with my friends two little (and I mean LITTLE) dogs Dudley & Norman. Dudley & Norman are frequent visitors and in the beginning Casey didn’t quite know what to make of them. She especially wasn’t too sure about Dudley as he has always been insistent that they are the bestest of friends, whether she wanted to be or not! But over time he has obviously grown on her (although I am sure if she could speak she would deny it completely)

So, firstly I shall introduce Dudley and Norman properly!


Dudley (the darker of the two) is a 1 year old Chihuahua x Dachshund, he is incredibly cheeky, stupidly loving, slightly bonkers… and one of the most stubborn dogs I know… but not in a bad way! He came from what is believed to be a puppy farm and was in a bit of a state when he was first brought home. But with much love and attention is a beautiful healthy boy now.

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Norman (the lighter of the two) is around 6 months old and is a Jack Russell x Dachshund x Chihuahua mix. Like Dudley, he is cheeky, loving, and bonkers. But he also had a bad start in life, especially for one so young. Because of this he is incredibly nervous over many many things and is very submissive with the other dogs, but has got more and more confident since I have known him.

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Last night, whilst at mine, all four bundled up together on their beds which led to a bit of an impromptu photo session! So I rushed to grab the camera and took a couple of piccies and got quite possibly the cutest photo of all four of them.


I can almost guarantee this summer there will be plenty more photos of this beautiful gang!!!


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