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Whilst at the vets this evening my gorgeous Lab Casey was mistaken for a puppy while we were in the waiting room… which absolutely made my day. She will be the grand age of 9 later this year. Although she isn’t an ancient old lady, she is certainly getting on and has started slowing down over the last year or so, and by slowing down I mean sleeping more than her usual 16 hours out of 24 hours a day (she likes her beauty sleep, I think that is her secret.) So this got me thinking, I have taken SOOO many photos of Casey over the years, on multiple different cameras and camera phones and it would be so interesting to see how she has aged. It has only been the last year or two that I have noticed her beginning to grey around the face. I remember when she first started getting grey hairs I would pull them out (I know, you shouldn’t, slap on the wrists for me) and pretend that she certainly wasn’t getting older.

So to begin with here is the first photo I ever took of my gorgeous girl. The day she was brought round for me to meet her in 2007. She was 14 weeks old and ridiculously shy and like a true Labrador, was only persuaded that I was a nice person when I gave her biscuits!


From here on in I will only use photos taken from when I was given my first DSLR in 2010 (which is when I really started to fall in love with photography) because it is near impossible to know what order or what age she was in the photos I had taken before this.

Snowy Photos December 2010!

A couple of images taken in my garden in 2011 – She had recently been to the vets to investigate intermittent lameness on her left hind, hence the beautifully shaven leg!

More snowy pictures! This time from February 2012

PicMonkey Collage

527214_10151038217206587_957361586_n.jpg another from 2012

Yet more snowy photos! & some of my favourites from 2013.

More from 2013 (the year I completed my photography course) Casey would have been 6 here, and it was around here when I started pulling out her grey hairs. Still as beautiful as ever though.


2014 – 7 years old, definitely a little bit greyer!


And Finally, a couple from 2015 – Aged 8!
11639160_10152830979151587_1138577895_oCASEYmagnetix (2)
It’s safe to say my girlie has aged quite gracefully – and my project for the next week is to get an up to date photo of her as I have taken none with my camera this year so far!! (which is incredibly naughty) Plenty have been taken on my phone though, like this one, taken just as we got back into the car after the vets,  her least favourite place in the world.

To read more about Casey have a look at my blog post My Animals – The Culprits behind me starting ZLT photography



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