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A little bit of showing!

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Sunday 8th May 2016. It was certainly the most beautiful sunny day we have had in a while, and incredibly hot. I was out photographing RING ONE of the THRC Showing Show, alongside Mark Warr, who was photographing the other two rings.

Having never shown myself, I always find it quite fascinating to see which horse the judge is likely to pick, and I like to try and see if I can guess which one it will be… I am usually wrong, or I decide all of them should win because they are all beautiful, and amazing in their own right. Hence why I am a photographer and not a judge! hehe.


Like with anything, people have their favourites. I ADORE Welsh Ponies/Welsh crosses. Welsh Sec D/Welsh Cob being my favourite. There is just something about them that fascinates me (and there is also quite possibly a little bit of bias due to owning a Welsh D myself) They are full of character, and have such a presence and can turn their hand (foot) at anything. Complete all rounders. And it has to be said… although I try my best not too… I tend to find when looking back through my photos after a show, that I have taken a few extra of any of the welshies.


When it comes to taking the photos, as well as getting the usual trot/canter/stand images,  I prefer to take the most natural/candid shots I can take. The reaction of receiving a rosette, or a sash when coming first place, the pride in the pony or in the rider for doing so well or for just taking part when the rider/handler has been so scared to do so! It is so nice and refreshing to see the smiles of happiness. And the love for the horses and ponies.



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