Me, Myself & I

Hillam Polly Oliver

Sometimes you just can’t beat photographing your own ponies. Here is my 25 year old Welsh D Mare, Polly!

I have owned this beautiful one for 7 years now, and in those 7 years I have never got an action shot on camera!! She is a rediculously laid back mare, she feels that cantering around a field is tiresome and energy could be put to much better use grazing. So most of my photos of her using my big camera is of her either grazing, or where I have put her in a pose. Like this for example…

Well, today we opened up a paddock that has more grass on and I just so happened to have my camera, and voila I GOT MY ACTION SHOT. Of course it had to be the fact she was going onto more grass that would get her excited enough to do more than a leisurely stroll down the field. And I now have my new all time favourite photo of my beautiful lady. Yay!



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